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Wands & Wizards Summer Camp

Monday, 14 Jun 2021 @ 1:00 PM
80.0 80.0 USD
Wands & Wizards Summer Camp
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Don your cloak because wizards and witches are transforming the Museum of World Treasures into a wizarding school for a week! The sorting hat will place you into your house before you hunt for horcruxes disguised as artifacts, take flight in a game of quidditch, learn the Latin influence behind spell-making and the chemistry behind potion making. Take a lesson on ancient ruins and mythological creatures, discover new herbs in herbology, and learn the proper ways of a wizards duel. Dont miss out on the magic!

This event is for witches and wizards entering grades 6-8!

Registration will be open until 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each camp.

Our Wands & Wizards Summer Camp session is as follows:

Daily from Monday June 14 - Friday June 18

Classes begin promptly at 1:00 pm and sessions end at 5:00 pm

Please be sure to drop off/pick up your witch or wizard at the correct time each day!


Q. Do I need to bring a printed registration confirmation?

A. No. We will have a list for check-in at the door.

Q. What can/can't I bring to the event?

A. At this time, we ask that your child wear a comfortable, fitting mask that covers his or her mouth and nose. Children may bring a lidded water bottle with their name on it. We encourage participants to wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty as we may be painting, or planting mandrakes! We ask that kids leave all electronic devices at home to help them fully get immersed into the wizarding world (remind them that Hogwarts didn't have cell phones either!).

We would further recommend that our 'students' not bring any valuable Potter-themed items as they will not have common rooms to store them in.

Q. Is a meal provided?

A. We will not be providing a meal for our students. Please be sure that they have eaten lunch before they arrive.

Q. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

A. Please contact Brad Nuest at 316.263.1311 or by email at

Q. Is early drop off/late pick up available?

A. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer early drop off or late pick up at this time. We ask that you respect the time of the Museum staff and volunteers by being on time to pick up your child. If a child is repeatedly left for extended periods of time after the camp as ended, the Museum reserves the right to remove them from the camp.

Q. Can I have someone else drop off or pick up my child?

A. Yes. Please list their name on the registration form. The child will not be released unless the person is either on the registration form or prior arrangements have been made with the Education Department.

Q. Can parents stay to join in the fun?

A. Parents are asked to enjoy this time to do the things parents need to do as this will be a camp just for the kids. Please make sure your children understand that you will not be staying with them during the camp.

Q. What happens if the camp is cancelled?

A. Camp cancellations may occur if the minimum number of campers is not met. If this should happen, you will receive a full refund and be notified one week prior to start of camp.

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