The Living Legacy National Speaking Tour: David C. Driskell And Curlee R. Holton In Conversation

Sunday, 22 Sep 2019 @ 2:00 PM Past Event
The Living Legacy National Speaking Tour: David C. Driskell and Curlee R. Holton in Conversation
The conversation will be streamed live here.
The David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora organized the Living Legacy National Speaking Tour to present, celebrate, and document the achievements and legacy of its founder, David C. Driskell (b. 1931). This tour, a series of conversations between Driskell and Curlee R. Holton, highlights his contributions as an artist, scholar, and cultural historian and the contributions of African American artists to the countrys artistic heritage. Driskell has lived through and witnessed firsthand the dynamic historic changes that define Americas contemporary cultural landscape. In addition to Driskells singular accomplishments, he is a gifted and inspiring speaker whose personal narrative brings with it an intimate and powerful voice. The National Gallery of Art provides a Washington, DC, venue for the national tour on September 22, 2019. Below please find audio and video recordings of select presentations by David C. Driskell at the National Gallery of Art: Historical Perspectives: African American Art (February 11, 1990) Conversations with Artists: David C. Driskell and Frank Stewart (December 11, 2004) Conversations with Artists: David C. Driskell (April 14, 2007) The Collecting of African American Art VII: David C. Driskell in Conversation with Ruth Fine (February 12, 2012) Artists and Mentorship: David C. Driskell in Conversation with Ellington Robinson (November 1, 2015) Wyeth Foundation for American Art Symposium: Artists Panel: The African American Art World in Twentieth-Century Washington, DC (March 17, 2017) John Wilmerding Symposium on American Art 2018, Part 2: Inspiring Visits with Archibald Motley Jr. (March 23, 2018)
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