Gwen & Ida: The Object Is Of No Importance

Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019 @ 8:00 PM Past Event
Gwen & Ida: The Object is of No Importance
The world premiere of a new play written for the DC theatre company Nu Sass Productions. This raw, powerful play demands satisfaction from artist and audience alike, urging you to look beyond the facades of meaning to the deeper truths of love, art and cats. The imagined meeting of three very real people: Gwen John, Ida Lupino and Jack Warner. Gwen John (Aubri O'Connor) is a well regarded but little known artist from Wales who lived a dizzying life between the UK and France, as a mistress to Rodin and a reclusive cat lady, as an open bisexual and a faithful Catholic, as a wandering bohemian and a child of society. Gwen is matched by the brilliant actress Rebecca Ellis, who portrays the fierce, powerful, and disregarded Ida Lupino - a tour de force actor/writer/director/producer in the early to mid 1900s. She demanded room at the table in a time no one believed a woman belonged in the rooms where it happens. The cast is rounded out by Matty Griffiths, who delights as a confounded Jack Warner, equal parts commanding and complacent as events outside his control unravel. Only 30 audience members can attend any performance, as this show is presented as part of the Small Batch Audience Series. You will hear every word, see every tear, and feel every minute of tension as you share a uniquely intimate experience at Caos on F.
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