Seadaddy's Adventures - Group Manatee Snorkeling Tour- Mingle With Others-Great For Advanced To Moderate Snorkelers

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Seadaddy's Adventures - Group Manatee Snorkeling Tour- Mingle with Others-Great for Advanced to Moderate Snorkelers
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3 Hours in total from start to finish.

- *Includes 1.45 hours of water time up to 2 hours, and an approx. 40 minutes of pre manatee prep work*
- Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday only


- For groups 3-6 per boat 12 or more in the water together*

- Requires *advanced to moderate snorkeler capabilities* - if you are a beginner please consider an upgrade to another tour or add-on in-water guide assistance

- Price includes mask and snorkel. Wetsuit $10 extra, required

This is a family fun adventure tour for you and your family and friends. Swim with Manatees in Crystal River Florida, you have selected a tour that is considered our economy tour for a couple reasons snacks and bottle water is not included, no guarantee of in water/photographer, includes 1.45 hours of water time-up to 2 hours of water time and a approx. 35 minutes up to 45 mins. of pre manatee prep work, you will have use of our beverage bar before and after your tour, which includes hot chocolate. You will visit the same manatee hot spots like anyone else. You will have a experienced Captain guiding your tour. Once you have boarded our vessel your crew will perform a safety briefing. (make sure you notify the crew of any health or swimming concerns and or capabilities) Your crew will then fit you with a snorkel mask.

If you feel you are a beginner snorkeler you should consider a upgrade to another tour type or perhaps a add-on purchase for a in water guide.

Group Tours Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday only. Includes Mask and snorkel. (when advanced tickets are not purchased directly through our company a wet suit fee of $10 required. Plan on being with us up to 3 hours. This tour choice may result in more than 12 guest per tour.

Remember any attention you may receive from the manatees during your experience is the choice of the manatee, if you receive extreme attention then please feel special because you are, the manatee does have a choice. These animals are not trained to interact or show up when you do! Please remember you will enter the manatees habit and prepare yourself and others for what may be expected of them.
Examples of when to arrive;

First time snorkelers should consider Manatee Mania Tour Option thus allowing for another hour of water time more in depth snorkeling prep work. Expect to be with us up 4.5 hours with this option. Further assistance from your in-water guide will be received, bottle water, light snacks provided with the manatee mania tour option.
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