First Friday For Folk Music

Friday, 06 Sep 2019 @ 7:30 PM Past Event
First Friday for Folk Music
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Join us for an evening of acoustic music in friendly, alcohol free, listening venue. Tonight’s performance features two acts: Kellie Parr, singer/songwriter/guitarist/entertainer from St Simons Island, GA; and The Fractions with Skip Jennings, Jerry Stenger, and Miguel de Jesus. Kellie's songs draw on her childhood influences growing up on the coast of Georgia, resulting in a passionate country-inspired, folk-rock style. Her lyrics are honest, heartfelt and often humorous, frequently compared to other Americana artists such as Lucinda Williams and Shawn Colvin. Kellie's love for playing is apparent in her energetic live performances as well as her studio recordings. Her most recent CD of original tunes entitled "Best I Can" was released in the fall of 2016. Check out The Fractions are Skip Jennings (guitar & vocals), Jerry Stenger (mandolin, guitar & vocals) and Miguel de Jesus (percussion). Skip and Jerry should already be familiar to First Friday for Folk audiences through their appearances as a part of The Massey Boys. The Fractions started out as a sideline group for Skip and Jerry. It was initially designed to be those two, along with whoever else they could recruit to play at a particular performance. The name came from the fact that they were parts of several other groups (2/3 of The Massey Boys, 1/3 of the Telfair Babies, ½ of The Skiples, 1/5 of the Savannah Ceili Band, etc.). At various times the group has included former Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist Jack Sherman, Jim Quigley (from the Savannah Ceili Band with Jerry and The Real Americans with Skip), Skip’s daughter Nolan Balkcom, and others. The First Friday for Folk performance will be the first one with Miguel de Jesus as a part of the group. All are part of the Midtown Pickers. The group’s repertoire consists primarily of original material from Jerry, along with classics of rock/pop, country and other genres. The primary goal is to entertain and share their love of music.
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