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Attune To The Frequency Of Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity

Thursday, 17 Jun 2021 @ 5:00 PM
Attune to the Frequency of Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity
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What if the key to prosperity was as easy as shifting your energy?

Candice is back to The Wild Ones stage, to help you tune into the frequency of wealth in her brand new workshop to help you consciously connect with your inner abundance. You will learn to use this deeper connection to bring abundance into the physical world.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

️ Tap into the abundance that is all around you, in every moment.

️ Learn your unique manifestation process (yes, its different for everyone!)

️ Get clear on your next steps for creating abundance for your life

Yes, Im in! Sign up here for instant access! Love for Candice ThomasBefore I began working with Candice I was unsure how to use my gifts in an intentional and purposeful way. As a result of working with her, I was able to: 1. embrace my gifts 2. attract my dream clients and 3. increase my income by 20%. Barbra Portzline, PhDCandice Thomas workshops have changed my life... really! The first workshop I took a we did a guided meditation where I learn to accept that I could not change others. Such a burden was lifted! I felt so relieved and so much lighter...I was floating all day. My husband noticed a big difference in my outlook and said find out when the next workshop isyoure going whether you want to or not! She has given me the confidence and support to step out of my box and share my gifts with the world. Thank you Candice! Donna LindbloomIn this workshop, you will . . .

Strengthen your connection with your soul and Creator.

Receive intuitive guidance and clear steps toward experiencing abundance

Deepen your self-trust to understand your unique manifestation process (hint . . . its individual to everyone)

Train your brain to see more opportunities and situations that will improve your financial situation and your alignment to abundance

Our Guide

Candice Thomas is the author of the The Success Sense: Intuition For Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

Using her signature program, she teaches leaders how to use their own intuition to create life-changing results for themselves, their clients, and their communities.

Candice has been featured on the Mind Love podcast, Tiny Buddha, other media.

Yes, Im in! Sign up here for instant access!

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