Pete International Airport, Cellar Doors

Pete International Airport, Cellar Doors
111 Minna Gallery
Thursday 24,September 2020
8:00 pm
Thursday, 24 Sep 2020 @ 8:00 PM Past Event
Pete International Airport, Cellar Doors
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Photo:Cellar Doors
Music Box Presents

Pete International Airport (Featuring Pete Holstrom of the Dandy Warhols)

Mother Mariposa

Cellar Doors

O & Shea Roberts

Plus Djs Lord Liam & Neel Kizmiaz spinning 60s-70s soundtracks, psych and rare groove.

$10 Advance early bird tickets

$16 Advance early bird VIP tickets w/Poster

***We strongly encourage you to buy tickets in advance***

Doors 8pm 21+ CASH ONLY BAR

Zappa Room (Set times subject to change)

8pm Doors - DJ Liam

8:20 O & Shea Roberts

9:10 Cellar Doors

10:10 Mother Mariposa

11:15 PiA

Main Gallery (After Party)

12:00 - 2:00 DJ/VJ Neel Kizmiaz



Pete International Airport is the brain child of Peter G. Holmström. It's name is borrowed from a song title by his other band, The Dandy Warhols. Pete International Airport's new album, Safer With The Wolves..., is a meticulously crafted psyche rock journey into the dark heart of electronica. The albums 11 tracks feature guest singers from like-minded allies such as: The Black Angels, Daydream Machine, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dark Horses, Hopewell, and more. It was released by A Recordings in November.

The live band consists of long-time collaborator Daniel Sparks, plus Tara Autovino and Jason Russo of Guiding Light.


Mother Mariposa (

"Psychedelia gets into everything in Portland. Its in our water. It leeches into the plants, staining their blossoms a hazy shade of tie-dye. Its in the air we breathe, and when we go to write songs, it gets into those too. Mother Mariposa, the new project from Jsun Atoms and Thomas Mudrick, is no exception. The Monarch Key, out November 22nd on Little Cloud Records, is a heady ride, veering between electronica, indie rock and post punk, with a psychedelic heartbeat that keeps it chugging madly along. At the center of the sound is the singular voice of Jsun Atoms, whose vocal style lies somewhere between chant and mantra, guiding listeners through the frantically hypnotic songs with a purpose that almost seems at odds with some of the more lingering lines. Atoms is accompanied by Thomas Mudrick, Dan Fernie-Harper, Austin Barone and Trask Schulte, all of whom have impressive resumes on the indie psych scene. The result is a series of catchy riffs, which manage to stay moving in a way that psychedelic music often blissfully forgets. That being said, The Monarch Key is surprisingly long for its seven song track list, with cuts ranging from five and six minutes to a luxurious ten on, Pilot Light, the albums slow motion lead single. Its an unexpected choice for the lead spotmost people would pick one of their dancier tracksbut Pilot Light doesnt overstay its welcome, evolving in stages towards a climactic wash of harmony that brings each of the members talents into focus, earning the spot when all is said and done..."

-Henry Whittier-Ferguson Eleven PDx Magazine





Cellar Doors:

Hailing from San Francisco, Cellar Doors are blowing up fast within the California music scene. Leading exponents of what is being called the third wave of psychedelic sound; they have been coaxed out of their thriving underground scene for support slots via invitation from the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Roky Erickson, Allah-Las, The Warlocks, Night Beats, and Toy, and have performed various festivals such as Levitation (Austin, TX), Shiiine On Weekender (UK), and Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia to name a few. Their much anticipated debut album is one of the most hotly tipped in recent times around the Bay Area, dripping with pure power psych melody overlaid onto undulating post-punk walls of sound. Powerful, brooding and danceable at the same time. It is at once timeless and cutting edge.


"Frost" video:




"Depeche Mode and Joy Division robbed the biggest bank in London and in the safe they found Cellar Doors. I love music you can rob a bank to and this does that for me." - Alex Maas (The Blank Angels)

"Cellar Doors are a dark psychedelic g-spot." - SF Gate

O & Shea Roberts

This husband and wife duo strum out 70s style Americana following the footsteps left by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra.

Shea Roberts was born in San Francisco CA. His love for music and production is undeniable. He has been recording & producing records for well over a decade and playing music most of his life. Probably most known for being the front man of "The Richmond Sluts" a garage rock band formed in 1997. These songs will take you in a whole different direction, they have an Americana country vibe.

Australian born, O Koppes Roberts musical background led her through bands ranging from post-punk to psychedelic and nods to her fathers group The Church as an influence to her guitar style.

Shea and his wife O, come out of the shadows with their new style of songs and heartfelt stories.


IG @oandshea

DJ Kizmiaz

AKA (Neel Boyett) has been DJing and VJing in San Francisco for the past 25 years and many of his parties were legendary (Lush Hai Karate). A graduate of SFAI, Boyett is also a painter, designer and curator of film art openings (Werepad,/ Vortex Room).

Specializing in 60s-70s soundtracks, psych and rare

groove vinyl, he has also been asked to score films, videos, fashion shows and plays. Recently he scored the stage version of Ted Posts' cult classic "The Baby" in Los Angeles and designed the logo for Young Elders and the cover art of their single "Smile" on Chez Nobody records.

He is currently working on releasing a remix 12" of rare Kraut Psych Soundtracks and scouting SF locations for a new monthly "happening" with DJ Spaziale (Forest Jams records).
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