Annual Heggstad Mixer

Saturday, 11 Sep 2021 @ 4:00 PM Past Event
Annual Heggstad Mixer

Are you ready for an exciting quarterly mixer that brings together legal attorneys for a fun and inquisitive atmosphere?

We additionally invite those members from Professional Fiduciary Association of California to our events! Not only do we remain inclusive to our fiduciaries but we bring to you a discussion of several hot topics, below.

California Proposition 19 - What Does This Mean for Property Tax Transfers and Exemptions? | Discussions on hot probate and trust cases. Attorneys give examples, and their experiences. | Discussion on bonds and why they are needed additionally to the court system and the highlights and lowlights


Mediator: Founder of Probate & Trust Real Estate - Claire Hultin

Aaron R Feldman - Estate Planning Attorney at Feldman Law Group

Elizabeth Button - Estate Planning Attorney/Former Judge Clerk

Dave Samuels - CFP®, CLU® CIO, & Founder of Corinthian Wealth Management LLC

Todd Christensen - Phillips Bonding & Insurance Agency

Newly passed Proposition 19 will have potentially severe financial consequences for children inheriting property from their parents. Approved by California voters in the November election, Prop. 19 marks a landmark change to Prop. 13, the 1978 law that aims to limit property taxes.

Claire Hultin announce produces the "Heggstad a fun social mixer that brings together fun and hip attorneys at one of the hippest Moroccan venues, Berber SF. We bring a fireside chat with local attorneys together with happy hour prices and a live show, for an additional cost! Why do we call our quarterly mixers after the name Heggstad? Many of you know exactly what a California Heggstad petition is. We all have had clients that overlook their trust or properties, and sometimes fail to transfer assets into the trust. Properties then typically have to go through probate before reaching the beneficiaries, but not when filing the infamous Heggstad petition.

As you would know, the Heggstad petition can allow you to transfer these assets directly into the trust, bypassing the probate process. The only catch is whether the decedent intended to include the assets or property in the trust!

Our quarterly mixers are to bypass the normal networking process and bring legal professionals together to connect and build meaningful relationships. We want you to join our community and be apart of the fun, the laughs, and the debates.

No cover charge for our Annual Heggstad Mixer. Only thing needed is an EventBrite RSVP and evidence that you are in fact an attorney or a member of PFAC.

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