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Dynamic Talks: San Francisco "Data Science And Analytics"
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Come join us at the first event of our free technical meetup series, "Dynamic Talks", in San Francisco!Topic: Data science and analyticsThe first talk will be given by Eugene Steinberg, Technical Fellow at Grid Dynamics, and will be about deep learning applications for e-commerce search. The second talk will be given by Kuntal Maya Goradia, Director of CX Analytics and Experimentations at PayPal, and will be about improving the customer experience via experimentation. Come enjoy a night of technical talks and networking opportunities at the Microsoft Reactor space in San Francisco. We hope to see you there!Agenda[6:00pm - 6:30pm]: Guests arrive, food and drinks are served[6:30pm - 7:15pm]: First talk will be presented by Eugene Steinberg on "Not your father's search engine: deep learning applications for e-commerce search", followed by a Q&A[7:15pm - 7:30pm]: Networking break[7:30pm - 8:15pm]: Second talk will be presented by Kuntal Maya Goradia on "Improving Customer Experience via Experimentation", followed by a Q&A[8:15pm - 9:00pm]: More networking and the event endsTalk details:

Eugene Steinberg's talk details:

Title: "Not your father's search engine: deep learning applications for e-commerce search"

Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss how recent advancements in artificial intelligence are transforming traditional search technologies. Deep learning-based image analysis and natural language processing open exciting new horizons for search and recommendation applications across the industries. Well talk about how deep learning models can help conventional search engines to achieve better relevance. We will share our experience implementing innovative solutions for online retailers, finance and high tech customers.

About Eugene Steinberg:

Eugene Steinberg is a Technical Fellow and founding engineer at Grid Dynamics. As a Principal Architect and Consultant, Eugene has delivered some of the largest Grid Dynamics programs, from inception to production to maturing. He has many interests, including: information retrieval, e-commerce and enterprise search, natural language processing, computer vision, general science, and the art of building scalable distributed systems. Eugene earned a PhD in Applied Math from Saratov State University.

Kuntal Maya Goradia's talk details:

Title: "Improving Customer Experience via Experimentation"

Abstract: She'll be sharing use cases, lessons learned and business impacts made using customer experience data and experimentation. She'll also share how combining quantitative data with unstructured quantitative data could provide powerful insights into user behavior that can be leveraged for improving business KPIs. Her team is using AI to support thousands of employees at PayPal and fueling innovation and data driven culture.

About Kuntal Maya Goradia:

Kuntal Maya has spearheaded technology and cultural transformations at various organizations in financial, retail and technology sectors. She is passionate about transforming Customer Experience using big data solutions. She is results oriented and leverages data to influence product, strategy and operations. Her interest in mentoring and coaching developing talent has helped her build and scaled high performing teams that have made significant business impact. She is an intrapreneur with successful track record of creating business cases and delivering 3-5x ROI on multimillion $ investments. Her focus on building strong relationships globally helps her build consensus, get things done and deliver high quality results. She is a thought leader and frequent speaker at several industry conferences and executive forums.
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