Listen To Your Gut - Making The Mind-Gut Connection For Healthy Living

Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021 @ 6:00 PM Past Event
Listen to Your Gut - Making the Mind-Gut Connection for Healthy Living
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Come join Dr. Rabindra Watson, Gastroenterologist and Director of Bariatric and Interventional Endoscopy at UCSF & CPMC and Kristi Nakayama, Reiki Master of Nori Reiki, to unravel the mysteries of the mind-gut connection. Dr. Watson and Kristi will talk about how mental health, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs impact your mood, gut health, and even the choices you make. They'll dive into how breakthroughs in your gut health and management of GI diseases can occur when you first attend to your thoughts, mental health, and connection to spirituality. You'll learn about what the energetic body is and how your thoughts, emotions and traumas that get stored in your energetic body can impact your energetic health and gut health. To close, you'll be led through a guided meditation + Reiki and visualization to promote deep relaxation and help open blockages to promote an optimal healing environment within your body.

Dr Watson is the Director of Bariatric Endoscopy of the Interventional Endoscopy Services department at California Pacific Medical Center. He is recognized nationally as a leader in bariatric endoscopy and is passionate about helping patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He is active in the development and testing of novel therapeutic endoscopic techniques which include primary endoscopic therapies for obesity, endoscopic treatment of weight regain following bariatric surgery, and treatment of post-surgical complications. He is recognized as a key opinion leader in interventional endoscopy and has lectured throughout the country and internationally, and has served as a consultant to several start ups and leading device technology companies.

Dr Watsons additional interests include the interplay between the mind, gut and health. He recognizes the critical role our guts and microbiome play in health and chronic disease, and believes the gut in central to our sense of well-being. Raised as a Buddhist and an avid meditator, he is passionate about educating patients on the importance of caring for our minds and bodies through mindfulness-based stress reduction practices and adoption of a gut friendly diet centered on whole plant based foods.

Kristi Nori Nakayama of Nori Reiki, is a Reiki Master focused on teaching people interested in taking control of their own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health through holistic healing methods. She teaches Reiki for Everyday Health, a non-practitioner Reiki and energy healing class on how to add self-Reiki treatments to your everyday self-care routine and the benefits on your personal health and professional goals. Her background is in Biological Psychology, studying the brain's impact on the body and behavior and has over 20 years of experience working in the medical industry with physicians across the country. Kristi also works at Muir Woods Adolescent In-patient Trauma Center in Petaluma, providing Reiki and guiding teens on how to better manage their mental and energetic health. Follow Kristi on IG @nori_reiki for everyday healing techniques to keep your energetic body open, clear and grounded!

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