Rik Lee Leipold Artist Talk And Live Resin Demonstration

Saturday, 12 Jun 2021 @ 2:30 PM Past Event
Rik Lee Leipold Artist Talk and Live Resin Demonstration
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Photo: Billy Gast

On June 12 at 2:30pm, Rik Lee Leipold will welcome visitors to the Tenderloin Museum for a presentation on their pothole pieces and the stories behind the individual artworks and the Tenderloin queer spaces they commemorate. Leipolds artist talk will culminate with an on-the-street demonstration of how they work with resin and cast the found objects and mementos directly into the sidewalk.

To maintain a comfortable environment that respects COVID health and safety best practice as well as the generally small, intimate nature of these artworks, registration (via Eventbrite) is required to attend; sign up today and plan some time adjacent to the event to take a Trolls & Potholes postcard, stroll the neighborhood, and find each of Riks pieces out on the Tenderloin streets.

Trolls & Potholes, Rik Lee Leipolds gallery show at the Tenderloin Museum, surveys the street artists five-year-long practice of filling potholes and cracks in Tenderloin sidewalks with resin and found objects, commemorating queer spaces and memories through tiny but evocative acts of reverse urban archaeology, (re)incorporating Tenderloin history into the built environment. In addition to their utilitarian purpose of fixing potholes, Leipolds installations are at once poignant and whimsical, drawing perceptive passersby into engrossing microcosms of the neighborhood and its many overlapping communities.

Their Tenderloin Museum show turns this concept inside out, framing the neighborhood in an overview of the artists dozens of pothole installations via a wall-sized steel-cut map and a collection of takeaway postcards that highlight specific works; the postcards can serve as a guide on a pilgrimage around the neighborhood to visit each resin in site.

For many of the site-specific pothole installations created for their on-going Resin in Pavement project, Leipold collaborated with fellow Tenderloin artists to collect personal effects, bric-a-brac, and ephemera and enshrining the objects in a translucent pool of resin, suspending the emblematic items directly into the streetscape. Each work is an experiment in materiality: screws, googly eyes, sloganeering pins, glitter, candy, rainbows and more enmesh a Tenderloin artists story into the sidewalk.

Some of the most recent in this series feature graphic novelist and City College fashion instructor Diego Gomez and transgender activist, drag performer, and frequent Tenderloin Museum collaborator Donna Personna. Other installations featured in Trolls & Potholes mark queer spaces at the sites of former gay bars the Gangway and Deco Lounge. The set of 10 postcards that Leipold has printed for the show note the location of each work, as well as a series of time-capsule benches that Leipold made for the grand reopening of Srgt. John Macaulay Park. Trolls & Potholes is on view at the Tenderloin Museum from May 15 - July 3; come pick up a postcard map from the museum and tour the neighborhood by visiting all of Rik Lee Leipold pothole installations yourself.

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