Normalizing Mental Health- Meet And Greet With A Professional- Time Slot 1

Saturday, 12 Jun 2021 @ 10:00 AM Past Event
Normalizing Mental Health- Meet and Greet With a Professional- Time slot 1
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For this workshop, we think it's time to take our mental health journey to the next step, which is finding a proffessional that can support you with your goals and intentions.

We invite you to come and meet organizations that provide behavioral health services around The Bayview District and around San Francisco, where you can ask them questions about their behavioral health services.

In past NMH events, we've discussed dismantling mental health stigmas while providing tips for self-care during challenging times. This time around, we want you to think about taking your mental health to the next level. During this event, we invite you to come and meet behavioral health professionals and take the next step to bettering your mental health. You will have the opportunity to find and learn about community resources and talk to the professionals from your local organizations.

Come and have wonderful day with us at India Basin Shoreline Park. You will get to know about the services provided at each organization. Additionally, a 15 min guided meditation session will be available for you at the end of each time-slot.


Park Rx Bayview Hunters Point Clinic 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic SF Health Network- Behavioral Health Services

Optional to bring:

Blanket, yoga mat or something comfortable to sit. This event will be a picnic-like setup to create a welcoming ambiance.

* No food and beverages given at the event. Please bring your own water bottle and snacks *

COVID-19 Safety Protocols will be taken at all times. Masks are required.

Event Organized by

Mariana Mendez- Health Outreach Coordinator at 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic and Park Rx Josette Rojo- MAT Case Manager at Bayview Hunters Point Clinic and at Marin City Health and Wellness Center

In collaboration with San Francisco Recreaton and Parks Department

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