Ground In Sound: Voice And Sound Healing Meditation

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Ground In Sound: Voice and Sound Healing Meditation
Let's spend a Sunday afternoon bathing in the healing sounds together in community!

You are cordially invited to a monthly sound journey presented by Ground in Sound:


The entire Universe is in a state of vibration. This includes us human beings. As such, we are able to utilize vibrations of our own voice and power of our intention as well as sounds of vibrational instruments to restore ourselves to a relaxed state of health and well-being.

Voice Meditation (Yoga of the Voice) - we will tune our bodies using toning, vocal meditation, and mantra chanting. Our voice, the most potent healing instrument, will open our hearts and prepare us to receive the healing sounds created by instruments.

Sound Meditation - you will be immersed in vibrational sounds of planetary gong, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and more to calm your nervous system, still your mind, and heal your body and soul. You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Please bring whatever will make you comfortable while lying down (or sitting). We recommend a yoga mat, pillow, eye mask, blanket, and water bottle. Wear comfy clothes, in layers.

Doors open at 4pm so please arrive early to set up your spot. We start at 4:30pm. No late entries - the main door will be locked at 4:25pm.

Please reserve a space in advance by purchasing a ticket ($20).


HYEJIN YU is a sound healing practitioner, songstress, composer, and song carrier based in San Francisco. In recent years, HyeJin has been fascinated with vibrational sound therapy, vocal meditation, song circles, mantras, and chants, and how they can be used to balance and heal our bodies which led to her training as a Sound Healing Practitioner under Minna Sivola of Harmoniaalto, and Lauren Waggoner of Soundology as well as becoming a certified teacher of Yoga Of The Voice from Silvia Nakkachs Vox Mundi School of Sound and Voice. Her intention is to create a safe space for individuals as well as community at large to explore with sound and voice to be in-body and to be fully present here and now to experience life in joy, so we can be healers of our own body, mind and spirit!


HyeJins sound baths are pure magic. As a facilitator, she blends joy and rigor in a way that leaves you both feeling extremely well held, and also incredibly loved. If youre looking for something nourishing to do on a Sunday afternoon that will set you up for the week ahead, I highly recommend checking one out! - LeeAnn Mallorie, Executive Coach & CIIS Certified Sound Healer

HyeJin is a truly gifted sound healer! Her intimate and beautiful sound experience starts with intention setting and powerful chakra clearings and mantras that transport you to another dimension. The sound bath itself is a magical and restorative experience that left me feeling open-hearted and blissed out. Each session is followed by culinary treats and delightful community connection. All and all, a most perfect Sunday afternoon. I am so grateful HyeJin has created this warm and inviting healing space. I can not wait to return. - Michele de la Menardiere

The sound bath was a wonderful way to start off the week. Focusing on sound, vibrations, and the intentions HyeJin set made it easy to turn off my brain and "let go" (compared to silent meditation). She's very knowledgeable, welcomes questions, and overall provided a very secure space to get more in touch with myself (and also others in the potluck that followed). Can't wait to return! - Margaret Brako
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