2021 Tough Temple Supertotal

Sunday, 18 Apr 2021 @ 9:00 AM Past Event
2021 Tough Temple Supertotal

In 2020 Coach John was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. After undergoing surgery and immunotherapy for the past 6 months, he unfortunately was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma in his lymph nodes. This will require more surgery and aggressive immunotherapy treatment. During his treatment this past year he has continued to coach and lead the Tough Temple team. But this new diagnosis means he will need to take a step back and be less involved in the day to day.

We want to help and we're sure you want to as well! That's why this year's Tough Temple Supertotal will be a fundraiser to help with John's medical bills and loss of income from personal training during this challenging time. In addition to our in-house competition, we will also be offering an online option to allow our friends from all over the world to join in!

The heaviest lift completed in each category will be added together to form your SUPER TOTAL. Top 3 men and women in each division will be decided based on Sinclair Meltzer Faber formula.

In house competition registrants will automatically receive a 2021 Tough Temple Supertotal shirt. Online athletes (and anyone else who wants an awesome shirt) can order one for $25 + shipping.



Lifting heats will begin at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. We will fill up heats starting with earlier times first. As registrations fill up, we will expand into the later heats if needed. Heats will be arranged to have the most fun and competitive session possible based on entry totals.

Meet Structure:This meet is meant to be competitive and fun, with a more relaxed structure than official weightlifting/powerlifting meets. Each athlete will be paired with a judge, with judges being rotated between the lifts. This ensures a higher degree of impartiality. Due to COVID restrictions, judges will be responsible for two in house athletes during the lifting period. Online registrants will have their timestamped videos reviewed by judges for approval.

Each lift session (Snatch, C&J, Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift) will be provided a warm up period, after which time a 10 minute competition clock will begin! Athletes are allowed to take as many attempts of the given lift during the 10 minute competition as they'd like, with the highest load lifted counting towards their SUPER TOTAL.

Due to the high amount of lifts being contested, strict adherance to the clocks will be enforced.

Lifting Order:

Snatch Warm Ups (20 minutes)Snatch Competition (10 minutes)

Clean & Jerk Warm Ups (10 minutes)Clean & Jerk Competition (10 minutes)

Back Squat Warm Ups (10 minutes)Back Squat Competition (10 minutes)

Bench Press Warm Ups (10 minutes)Bench Press Competition (10 minutes)

Deadlift Warm Ups (10 minutes)Deadlift Competition (10 minutes)

Total Session Time: 1hr 50 minutes,

Important Details:

- Session times for in house competition will be announced once the start list has been finalized. All participants will receive a copy of the start list with relevant information.

- each session will be open to 12 athletes. The number of sessions for the competition will be determined by total number of registrants.

- Weigh ins can happen anytime before the beginning of your Snatch session. No lifters who fail to weigh in will be allowed to compete.

- Sessions will be comprised of similar entry totals to ensure a competitive atmosphere!- This is an unsanctioned meet! No USAW/USAPL memberships are required, nor will results be counted towards any official records for future qualification totals.

- Singlets are not required, though style points may help you with the judges...

- Wrist wraps, knee wraps, and lifting belts are all allowed, with no limitation on dimensions

- Lifting Straps, Bench Shirts, and similar accessories are not allowed.

Questions? Email us!

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