Luscious: Paintings And Drawing By Wendy Edwards, Bell Gallery, Brown Univ

Sunday, 15 Mar 2020 @ 11:00 AM Past Event
Luscious: Paintings and Drawing by Wendy Edwards, Bell Gallery, Brown Univ
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On view November 16, 2019 through March 15, 2020 Luscious: Paintings and Drawings by Wendy Edwards examines the underlying conceptual basis for Edwards’ work which has been rooted in her life experiences. These include her travels to China, the death of friends from AIDS, the birth of her daughter, and residencies and teaching positions in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Newfoundland, France and Spain with their varied landscapes and cultures.

Over the course of her career, Edwards has engaged in geometric and free-form abstraction and repetition stemming from such motifs as leaves and clusters of flowers. She depicts body parts, the moon, spherical fruits such as peaches and figs and ceramic vessels that often appear in Edwards’ work as a kind of stand-in for the artist herself.

The impact of the Pattern and Decoration art movement (mid 1970s-1980s) is evident in the artist’s work. Textiles in a diversity of forms and repetitive patterns have been sources of inspiration. Edwards embraces structures and imagery associated with this approach, plying a vibrant palette—foremost among her artistic passions.

A masterful colorist, Edwards creates paintings in which she explores the physicality of pigment on canvas and vibrant works on paper executed with soft pastels. Expressed in exuberant colors and bold compositions, the works vary from landscapes and still-lifes to organic forms and abstraction. The survey includes works created since 1980 when Edwards joined Brown University’s Department of Visual Art faculty. The 50 canvases and works on paper convey strong emotional content informed by Edward’s relationship with the natural world and abiding commitment to a feminist vision.
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