Alice Sparkly Kat On Postcolonial Astrology

Saturday, 22 May 2021 @ 1:00 AM Past Event
Alice Sparkly Kat on Postcolonial Astrology
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Astrologer and author Alice Sparkly Kat is ushering in a new wave of astrology that is intersectional, inclusive, and geared towards queer and POC communities. In their cross-cultural approach to understanding astrology as a magical language, Alice uses our historical and collective constructs of the planets, sun, and moon to re-chart our subconscious history, redefine the body in the world, and assert our politics of the personal.

Alice believes that too often, magic and astrology are divorced from their potency and cultural contexts: co-opted by neoliberalism, used as a force of oppression, or distilled beyond recognition into applications that belie their individual and collective power. Dedicated to unmasking the political power of astrology, Alice shows how it can be channeled as a force for collective healing and liberation.

Join educator, creator, and astrologer Kirah Tabourn for a conversation with Alice Sparkly Kat on their work and their latest book, Postcolonial Astrology. Kirah and Alice share insights into ways we can use astrology to challenge our own practices, interrogate our truths, and reshape our institutions to build better frameworks for communities of care.

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