GLASS SCULPTURE SHOW: Josef Marek - Infinity Trapped (online)

Saturday, 21 Aug 2021 Past Event
GLASS SCULPTURE SHOW: Josef Marek - Infinity Trapped (online)
{"https:\/\/\/409956700-1.jpeg":"JOSEF MAREK :: Infinity Trapped^:^https:\/\/\/exhibit\/163-josef-marek-infinity-trapped^:^"}
We are delighted to present an exclusive on-line sculpture exhibition featuring 22 glass sculptures by Czech artist Josef Marek with a release of short videos on June 30th. Included are a wide-ranging group of sculptures from 5" to 39" tall, from clear to blue, yellow, green, gray, rose and black.

Marek's work is a world of many sensations and contrasts. Most of the meditative glass sculptures are based on seemingly simple geometry, yet they present mind-binding experiences when the viewer tries to understand how the various planes interact, how the hue can vary from very deep to almost clear in a single object, or even how the objects are possibly able to stand. The circles, ovals, pyramids and rectangles distort and morph in front of one's eyes. The openings, passages, negative spaces, pregnant with illusionary allusions, hold and transform light, take the viewer into the center and through the sculpture. Marek is on top of his technique, thanks to his extensive training and experience in re-melting glass in molds, glass cutting, polishing and using the almost forgotten technique of glue-chipping, or tarnishing, adding to the overall effect.

But the techniques are not what interests him most. As a master of illusion and wonder, but a serious one, he yearns to give us a unique experience, perhaps even a transcendental encounter with the physical world.

About Sculpturesite Gallery:
Sculpturesite is Northern California's only gallery dedicated entirely to contemporary fine art sculpture. The indoor gallery is now closed, but our SculptureWALK displays 25 outdoor sculptures at the historical Jack London Village in Glen Ellen. Jack London Village is located minutes from the Sonoma Plaza and an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge. This exhibition is online only.
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