Intimacy Games - Connection & Polarity For Singles & Couples In September 2019

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Do you want to transmit more love and authentic emotional expression through your body while in deep connection with a partner?Do you want to play with masculine/feminine energies in your romantic relationships to create more electricity through sexual polarity?Come uncover your true desires for relationship and find how to access your sexual essence to create more love in any moment.When we play with the sexual essences of masculine (consciousness) and feminine (energy), we can learn to create love and beauty in any moment. As we learn to fully embody one pole, we can draw out the other pole in our lover and create moments full of depth and spark. As we deepen in this practice of sexual polarity we learn to bring our desires, fears, complaints, hurts, and longings to the world with an artfulness that opens ourselves as well as those we love.Whether you are in a relationship, single, poly, hetero or LGBTQ+ this workshop will lead you through embodiment and breath practices that open your heart, drop you into desire and consciousness, and express your heart's deepest yearnings through the tool of your body.Using practices drawn from authentic relating, sacred masculine/feminine embodiment, inner child work, and therapeutic techniques, this mini-workshop is sure to leave you feeling more open-hearted and in touch with your deepest feelings about what you wish to create in your relationship life and more bodily capacity to create that.Doors open at 7:15pm.
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