Grand Central Terminal Tour

Saturday, 15 May 2021 @ 9:00 AM Past Event
Grand Central Terminal Tour
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Treat yourself to a sesame bagel and an inside peak at the inner workings and behind-the-scenes secret treasures of one of the worlds top-ten touring sights Grand Central Terminal. A triumph of architecture and transportation for its era, Grand Central has been renowned as a premier destination for more than 100 years. Trains such as the 20th Century Limited set the highest standard of luxury travel for its time.

These days, the terminal is also a destination for deliciousness exhibited at an exceptional range of top food establishments. A special variety of these yummy delights can be experienced at Grand Central Market® and at several eateries on the lower level dining concourse. Granted landmark status in 1976, Grand Central remains one of New Yorks great tourist destinations with many stories to tell, and now many tastes to savor!

Bagel Tour Tidbits:

Did you know? The perspective of the zodiac painting on the roof of Grand Centrals main concourse is upside down. Even though you look up to see it, the point of view is as though you were looking down from the heavens.

Did you know? As part of the 1998 refurbishing of Grand Central Terminal, the lower concourse was converted into a lavish food promenade with a wide array of eateries including Zaros Bakery with fresh bagels baked daily.

The tour of Grand Central is about 1½ hours. Please wear comfortable shoes.
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