The Yoga Trail - Vinyasa Yoga Class

Saturday, 17 Dec 2022 @ 12:00 PM Past Event
The Yoga Trail - Vinyasa Yoga Class
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- About 75 minutes

#About the Class
Re-connect to nature in the city with our Yoga classes in Central Park! Combine breath and movement to cleanse and recharge the body while providing an energizing opportunity to re-connect within. Unlock tension in your body and relieve stress while building strength and flexibility with a mindful focus. This class aims to establish the foundation of the yoga practice with flowing movements and an emphasis on breathing and healthy pose alignment. It has a meditative approach but will still involves a good amount of movement and some sweat. Each class ends with final relaxation and meditation. Open to all fitness levels.

#Important Information
- Bring your own yoga mat or towel, water and something warm for final relaxation
- Props aren’t necessary but feel free to bring any that you like to use
- Yoga is best practiced with an empty stomach and bare feet, even better if directly on the grass to allow earthing
- Bathrooms available

#Meeting Location & Directions
- Meeting point is 15 min before class in front of the cafe Le Pain Quotidien inside Central Park, north side of Sheep Meadow. This is the location link:

From there we'll walk together to the class location. Please arrive early so that class may start on time without disruption.

- Closest park entrance is W69th St. From there just walk along the path until you hit the major road with cyclists, cross it and keep walking with the big lawn (Sheep Meadow) on your right until you reach the cafe.
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