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New Orleans Native Tours - Cajun Swamp Tour

Friday, 28 Jan 2022 @ 8:00 AM
New Orleans Native Tours - Cajun Swamp Tour
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#Experience the mystery and magic of the Louisiana Swamp!

## Duration
3 hours 30 minutes

## Pickup

Please enter your the address of where you would like to be picked up during the booking process. If you are not sure where you would like to be picked up or the pickup location is out of range, we will contact you before the day of the tour to provide a pickup location.

## About
Join us on our New Orleans swamp tour traversing through the legendary Manchac Swamp. Our boat captains are Cajuns who will share with you what it means to be Cajun and what life is like living and hunting in the swamplands of Louisiana.

Traverse through the Manchac Swamp and see the variety of wildlife living in the murky swamps and moss covered trees. Alligators, raccoons, wild boar, and many other animals know and aren’t frightened off by our boats. Many even swim up to the boats looking for treats; marshmallows seem to be their favorite. View and learn about the local wildlife while sitting comfortably in our covered boats, shielding you from the harsh sun in the summertime or the occasional rain.

Also imagine what life was like in Frenier, the unique Cajun Town once nestled in the Manchac swamp before being wiped away by the hurricane of 1915. After your tour feel free to spend some time in the gift shop before heading back to New Orleans.

##Additional Info
Keep in mind that the boats are covered to protect visitors from rain showers as well as the harsh summer sun. If visiting the swamps in the winter we recommend dressing warmly for the tour.

Drinks are sold in the gift shop, so enjoy a beverage while taking in the scenery.

The New Orleans Swamp Tour offers hotel pick up within the downtown area of New Orleans. Multiple pickup times are available, whether you want to head to the swamps first thing in the morning or take an early afternoon tour. Hop on our minibus and take a quick drive along the edge of Lake Pontchartrain and Louisiana’s wetlands on the way to the famous Manchac Swamp.

After arriving in the swamp, get onto one of our flat bottomed boats for a tour of the bayous that wind throughout the swamp. The boat, guided by one of our Cajun boat captains, will slowly drift through the murky swamps between the many moss covered cypress trees. You will learn about Cajun culture and the Cajun way of life here in Louisiana.

Take in the surroundings, including the various animals scurrying and swimming about. The species known as the American Alligator is thought to be 150 million years old and is what most visitors come here to see, but also see other animals such as egrets, frogs, raccoons, and maybe even a wild boar. The average size of the male American Alligator is between 10 and 15 feet long.

Many swamp tours are in busy areas with many fisherman and hunters, but our boat tour is on private land with no hunting or fishing. This has made the wildlife more plentiful, as well as less skittish. Many alligators have been given names and even recognize the voices of our boat captains, approaching the boat for snacks like marshmallows or chicken. From the safety of the boat you may see one of the alligators jump out of the water for food, you may even get to hold one of our baby alligators.

The tour will also take you through areas that were once part of the small town of Frenier, wiped out by the hurricane of 1915. There are many local myths and stories about this swamp, many revolving around the hurricane of 1915. You will see a small cabin in the swamps, illustrating how people lived in the area throughout the 1800s as well as the cemetery deep in the Manchac swamp.

Feel free to ask the boat captain questions about the animals, landscape, history, or personal experiences here in the swamp, they are always happy to answer. After the boat tour feel free to spend time looking around the grounds or in the gift shop.

The minibus will then take guests back to the city and drop everyone off at their hotels. Our New Orleans Swamp Tour will give you an experience only found here, deep in the Manchac Swamp.
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