Dessert Week

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Dessert Week will take place from 23rd September (for one week only) in collaboration with THE most delectable names in the food and drink industry. From award-winning chocolatier Paul A Young to Insta-famous bakeries Lily Vanilli and Crumbs and Doilies to the capital’s grandest tea room Sketch, all across London the most enviable names have sprinkled their menus with truly tempting new ways to enjoy Baileys. From Baileys choux pastries, unique Baileys cocktails and sweet treats drizzled with the indulgent liqueur from Baileys milk bottles it really is too good to miss. Come along to the outlets below to taste for yourself:

1. Basement Sate - Baileys S’more-ish (0.4 units per serve) & After Sate (2.61 units per serve)
2. Sketch - Mystère (0.26 units per serve) & Baileys Bliss (1.7 units per serve)
3. Dezato - Tiramisu Gelato With Baileys (1.6 units per serve)
4. Crumbs & Doilies - Baileys Cheesecake Cookie Cups (0.03 units per serve)
5. La Gelatiera - Baileys Gelato (0.29 units per serve) & Pistachio al Almande (0.4 units per serve)
6. Lily Vanilli - Flourless chocolate cake with Baileys (0.4 units per serve)
7. Duck & Waffle - Baileys Cream Puff (0.52 units per serve) & Baileys After Ate (0.9 units per serve)
8. Humbledough - Banoffee Humbledough with Baileys Almande (0.4 units per serve)
9. Bala Baya - Middle Eastern Affogato (0.51 units per serve)
10. Paul A Young - Baileys Billionaires Caramel Shortbread Chocolates (0.03 units per serve)
11. PF Chang’s Asian Table - Salted Caramel Baileys Tart (0.51 units per serve)

So instead of rushing back to less delicious duties, why not live in the moment and spend more time with friends. When it comes to the question of the bill…. Or Baileys? You know what to do.
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