Brainbox Initiative Conference

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The Brainbox Initiative Conference brings together rich, field-leading expertise in non-invasive brain stimulation and brain imaging. Our conference is unique in encouraging the presentation of groundbreaking research from neuroscientists at all stages of their careers, offering postdoctoral researchers and some of the most well-known names in neuroscience the opportunity to present their work on the same stage. Through bringing together such a wide audience, the Brainbox Initiative Conference stimulates new avenues for networking, discoveries, and collaboration in the field.

The Brainbox Initiative Conference 2019 programme features:
Keynote talks from:
Professor Helen Mayberg, MD (Mount Sinai, New York)
Professor Hartwig Siebner (DRCMR, Denmark)
Talks and research from:
Dr Lennart Verhagen – transcranial focused ultrasound (University of Oxford, UK)
Dr Eleonore Smalle – language learning in the adult brain with TMS-induced disruption (Ghent University, Belgium)
Professor Tim Denison – bioelectric medicine (University of Oxford, UK)
Dr Axel Thielscher – engineering and neuroscience (DRCMR, Denmark)
Dr James Dowsett – tACS & EEG (LMU Münich, Germany)
Dr Danny Spampinato – non-invasive brain stimulation to study motor learning (UCL, UK)
Dr Jennifer Chesters – using tDCS to augment speech therapy (University of Oxford, UK)
Dr Caroline Di Bernardi Luft – combining brain stimulation with neuroimaging to understand cognition (Queen Mary, University of London, UK)
Dr Gesa Hartwigsen – brain stimulation and neuroimaging in the study of the language system (Max Planck Institut, Leipzig, Germany)
Updates from previous Research Challenge winners
Poster sessions and pitches
Research Challenge 2019
Young Investigator Award 2019
A free-of-charge computational modelling workshop on Saturday September 28 (limited spaces) led by Dr Axel Thielscher (DRCMR, Denmark)
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