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The Turbans, Dizraeli, Theo Bard

The Turbans, Dizraeli, Theo Bard
EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney)
Saturday 31,July 2021
6:00 pm
Saturday, 31 Jul 2021 @ 18:00
20.0 20.0 GBP
The Turbans, Dizraeli, Theo Bard
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In celebration of our 10th anniversary, Woodburner is proud to present:


Woodburner began as a secret event deep in Hackney's underbelly. Since then, we have run concerts in venues across London, including Islington Assembly Hall, Village Underground, The Southbank Centre, Wilton's Music Hall, plus our magical weekly festival at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, which runs every Tuesday through the summer.

We love the eclectic flavours that make London one of the most diverse cultural cities in the world - showcasing the incredible variety of acts that can be found in the capital, matched with acts from further afield.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we will bring together 5 incredible acts on one epic night under a new banner - Sustain. Expect large-scale, explosive artists reflecting the vibrant array of talent which has graced the Woodburner stage over the years, with some surprises thrown in for good measure.


International legends The Turbans bind together musics from manywhere with their interstellar live show which ignites the crowd. Sonically huge and visually arresting, they are a powerhouse of talent, bringing their vibrant and unique sound to audiences who can do nothing more than smile, dance and shout for joy.

Growing from the intertwining paths of many talented musicians travelling the world, this extraordinary project has grown in a few years from very humble beginnings, into a progressive name on the London music scene. It's members have gathered from countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Greece and England to perform in concerts and festivals around the UK, North America, Middle-East, Hong Kong, India and Europe.

Their aim is to bring music to the people, young and old alike, mixing vibrant spontaneity and authenticity with multi-genre instrumental and vocal excellence.

The Turbans are a stomping ensemble that sound like Eastern Europe swinging the Middle East around by the arm in the middle of a raucous party. Songlines

Mesadorm's emotive and skilled melding of the pastoral and synthetic is the result of a unique combination of experienced musicianship, diverse cultural tastes and strong bonds of friendship. Their songwriting is firmly aimed at the space between the piercing domestic observations of Suzanne Vega and the elemental other-worldiness of Bjork, drawing on contemporary influences including Caribou, Grizzly Bear and Sylvan Esso as well as legendary female luminaries like Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush.

The band's 2018 debut album Heterogaster, produced by guitarist Aaron Zahl, forms a sublime melting pot of heartfelt anguish and celebration, combining shuddering electronica and tender instrumentation, balancing memorable hooks and leftfield themes. It both pops and fizzes, hurts and soothes.

Aside from the emotional heft of Mesadorm's music, the pedigree of its members is also not to be underestimated. Between them, Mesadorm's members have played with Paloma Faith, Goldfrapp, Rae Morris, Frank Turner, The Unthanks, The Magnetic North, toured with London Grammar and fronted major-label signing Vaults as well as singing on a John Lewis 2016 Christmas Ad. But whilst Mesadorm is a band founded on a history of professional musicianship and successes, it is now propelled forward by a renewed passion for creative endeavour and ambitious expression.

The album's emotional weight has been felt by audiences nationwide as the band toured the record throughout the last 2 years, before turning their efforts to the more delicate yet equally affecting Epicadus released on Babylegs Records in April 2018, and produced by Tim Allen (Bat for Lashes // Adrian Utley). This acoustic album illuminates the abilities of the band to wring universal sentiment from subtle arrangements: think of it as the subversive birdsong that follows Heterogaster's epic downpour. The band are now working on their next album with Tim Allen at Invada Studios in Bristol.

In the space between the personal and the global, the throb of the night and the glint of the dawn, the crushing weight of a significant ending and the promise of a fresh start Mesadorm's music awaits.

Adam Brooks, 2019

Some of the most interesting music this year - The Guardian

"A beautiful record - Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

Im absolutely addicted...really affecting and beautifulI love it - Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music

Absolutely of the debut albums of the year, no question - John Kennedy, Radio X

[Easy] Has just about finished me off Verity Sharp, BBC 3 Late Junction


Luanda. End of the 90s. The Angolans were trying to forget, as best they could, the civil war that was devastating their country. On Sunday, in the Cuca neighbourhood, a dance competition took place.

A girl attended the show, fascinated. Her name is Pongo, she was 8 years old. Amidst the cheers of the crowd, a man feverishly danced Semba and Kizombas steps. It was her father. This image will remain with her forever.

From her native Africa, she set aside the chaos and kept close to her heart the fragrances, colours and endless games with her sisters. But above all the sounds, vibrations and omnipresent songs, those cheerful bubbles that brought rhythm to her childhood, she who had started to dance before she knew how to walk.

Violence and fear will ultimately defeat innocence. Exile was inevitable for Pongo and her family. Europe, Lisbon. Pongo discovered a new world. A new light. But also uprooting, difference, the cruelty of other children. She remained silent and observed.

Music returned and with it her hope. First at church, where she sang with great pleasure. Then as a teenager, on her way to school. The boys would hang out near Queluz Station. They sang, danced and tried to attract the girls attention. They had a group : the Denon Squad. Evidently, naturally, Pongo joined them. Initially as a dancer, later behind the microphone at her first neighbourhood concerts.

She grew up, discovered the nightlife and it was always with the same imprudence that she penetrated the Lisbon Kuduro scene. She made her first recordings in studio. She enjoyed this environment and realized that she had to follow the path that music was taking her down.

Buraka Som Sistema discovered her and asked her to join them on stage for a mythical concert at Music Box in the Cais de Sodré district. She shone, burning with talent and energy and made, the very next day, her debut on the social media networks. The received her first compliments, the way friends looked at her changed and everything took off very quickly. She accompanied the group on a tour where they played the planets largest cities and festivals.

Pongo took off, feeling that everything was possible from then on.

Today, the little girl from Cuca is twenty-five years old. Diva of a mestizo and progressive Kuduro, she writes and interprets her own songs.

Pongo incarnates the renewal of the genre, mixing the combination of her African roots, langa, zaïco, with EDM, bass music, dancehall and tribal pop.

Her powerful, rhythmic but equally fragile and sensitive voice draws us into her universe, to the confines of dance and saudades.

Where no one has ever taken us before.

Saronde was just a seed of an idea when musician/producer duo Chris Pedley and Olly Wood launched their Beating Heart label in 2016. The project started as a collaboration between established music producers from Africa and around the globe to remix vintage field recordings from the International Library of African Music (ILAM).

Fast forward to 2019, Saronde were touring Kenya playing sounds from their imprint on festival dance floors, they connected with some incredible emerging talent and got in the studio. Using 70 year old field recordings made by ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey, one of Pedleys distant relatives, as seeds for new recordings, Saronde was born, fusing ancient sounds with modern musical concepts.


Dizraeli returns with an electrifying new sound and a breathtaking live show.

If you think you know what Dizraeli sounds like, think again. With his new album The Unmaster, he announces a completely fresh chapter, leaving behind the folk experimentation of previous projects for new territory : hiphop meets garage, grime and the chaos of the world were in and comes back stampeding, shot through always with Dizraelis trademark musical innovation and lyrical dexterity.

The Unmaster draws from the London grime and bass scene, Dizraelis time in Senegal studying percussion, the vibrant London music world in which Dizraeli moves and his own experience of a mental breakdown, and the result is a sound unlike anything youve heard : by turns frantic, tender, heavy and ecstatic, and always driven by tearing basslines and beats that demand frenzy.

The explosive live band features musical direction from Kwake (Sampha , Kate Tempest), keys and samples from Raffy Bushman (Unit 31), live drums, vocals and xylophones plus Dizraeli - who has a legendary reputation as a live performer - on vocals, dance and multiple percussion instruments.

`Sustain. is a carbon neutral event.

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Theo Bard is bringing his unique fusion of personal, emotive songwriting and atmospheric soundscapes to the stage in 2020.

Following the success of 2019 release Inkus, from which the critically-acclaimed lead single Forget was played on BBC Radio 1, his work as a producer has seen him collaborate with Glasgow-based Baby Taylah and Italian trio Emmecosta while working towards his masters in music at Goldsmiths University. 2020 promises to be an even bigger year, with another 6-track offering Rhythm in the Night set for release in Spring through Swedish pop label Icons Creating Evil Art.

As a songwriter, Theos music looks ready to find its place in other artists catalogues, attracting interest from Nick Mulvey and The Turbans for their upcoming albums. On stage, Bard collaborates with keyboard wizard Jake Chapman (Rum Buffalo) in a show which features live looping, Moog and Prophet synths, vocal processing and performance on guitar and bass. The live show combines Bards talent for audio production with the quality of songwriting and delivery which sets him apart.Expect supreme audio quality, new interpretations of the tracks, and a healthy slice of spontaneity for live audiences.

"I loved it" - Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1

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