Reach For The Stars STEM Festival

Saturday, 17 Apr 2021 @ 10:00 AM Past Event
Reach for the Stars STEM Festival
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Map of the Festival area. "Alumni Drive" connects to Rice Blvd at Entrance 20 and to Main St. at Entrance 4. "College Way" is a one-way loop road. Registration will be near Kraft Hall, and the workshops will be in the big white tents.

SCHEDULE: (Each block is a workshop, or a panel, or time in the exhibits).


10 - 10:45: BLOCK 1

11-11:45: BLOCK 2

12-1:15: LUNCH AND KEYNOTE (outdoors if weather permits)

1:30-2:15: BLOCK 3

2:30-3:15: BLOCK 4

3:15 - 4: Student pickup

Come join us for a terrific day exploring STEM science and STEM careers! We are having our "Reach for the Stars STEM Festival" IN PERSON this year, but with COVID-safe modifications to the activities. Will run from 10 am to 3:30 pm (check-in starting 9:15 am).

The event will include:

1. A selection of hands-on exhibits in the street fair

2. Two hands-on workshops led by women scientists or engineers

3. A panel discussion by women scientists about the challenges and opportunities of their profession

4. Outdoor sack lunch with an inspiring talk by Prof. Kirsten Siebach about the Mars Perseverance Rover

Each teacher or parent can register up to 10 girls (the groups must stay together). Each group of girls selects one of four tracks: A. Space science and astronomy B. Medicine including Space Medicine C. Physics and Robotics or D. Earth Science and Environment. Each girl will receive a mask and lunch. REGISTRATION IS LIMITED THIS YEAR. If you cannot afford the registration fee, contact us at and we will provide a special sponsored registration, thanks to our sponsors Rice University, Cheniere, NASA, and the Ride Family Foundation. All participants must wear masks; most of the volunteers and presenters will be vaccinated; and all participants agree to participate in a follow-up survey. If your girls can't agree on which track they want, you can split them into two groups (register each group separately). Ideally have an adult sponsor for each group, but if you don't have enough adults, you can just not purchase an adult ticket for the second group.

More details:

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