Deepen Into Self Nature Circle: Heart Leads To Freedom

Sunday, 18 Jul 2021 @ 10:00 AM Past Event
Deepen Into Self Nature Circle: Heart Leads to Freedom
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2021 has been described as a year of no longer and not yet. Old systems, beliefs, and ways of being have started to crumble but we cant yet see the new.

What if thats because its ours to create?

Its been said that the only way to change the world is to start with yourself.

Giving until nothings left isnt working.

Its time for a new story.

Playing small isnt working.

Its time for a new story.

Clinging to the momentum tunnel and living for the weekend isnt working.

Its time for a new story.

One where YOU are the author.

Its time to craft a life that is aligned with your values.

Its time to fit more of yourself into your life.

Its time to befriend your body and its cycles.

Its time to access the support and connection that you deserve.


Ever notice how everything can shift after time spent in nature? Whether its a solo hike in a thick forest or an interaction with a single blossom in the middle of the city.

What if you could amplify that shift through intentional movement, ritual, and supportive community?


Youll shift your perspective from going through the motions to seeing life as sacred.

Youll learn tools to weave that medicine into your everyday life.

Youll find community that encourages one another to shine confidently.


please note there is no experience or skill necessary to participate!

Intentional Movement: To support you in getting out of your head and into your body. There's no way you can do it wrong. We focus on how the movement feels to you, not how it looks.

Creative Expression: We'll utilize various art processes to create an anchor for your intentions, giving you a visual reminder of the themes that you're working with.

Meditation: You'll be lead through a guided meditation to help you to communicate with your soul voice.

Ritual: We'll tune in to the nature beings with conscious intention and look for the symbolism and metaphor they offer.


The exact location will be sent to you upon registration. There is limited parking and a short carpool ride or walk may be required to access the space. We will take a short, easy hike from the parking lot to the meeting location.


A blanket or sheet to sit on and water to sip. Please wear clothing that is compfortable to move in.


Your Body: Movement is the quickest, most effective way to tap into your body's wisdom. Your body stores and processes information in ways that your mind cant and is the most powerful resource you possess. When you move, you access that information. You experience the physical sensation of truth - whats true for you - and gain the confidence and clarity to follow it.

Mother Nature: We are nature. Dis-ease comes from a disconnection with nature. Research has shown that time in nature lowers cortisol, heart rate and blood pressure. It can also lead to improved mood, sleep, and immune function and more!

Dana Whiddon: Dana is a holistic wellness maven and transition guide incorporating over 15 years of experience in creative arts therapy, 6 years experience leading embodiment and intentional movement practices. Dana knows that women are sacred and we need one another. She believes in the healing power of community. Dana knows that art, movement and meditation are powerful forms of medicine. She is passionate about creating sacred space where these modalities can be practiced.

This is session one of a three part series. Attend one or all. 5/16, 6/20 & 7/18.

If you prefer you can also register through Venmo:

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