APL Professional Development: Kinesthetic Story-Building

Tuesday, 01 Jun 2021 @ 5:00 PM Past Event
APL Professional Development: Kinesthetic Story-Building
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*Participants must attend both in-person sessions on June 1st and June 8th from 5:00 - 7:00pm*

Participants will learn the basic sequence of the Anne Frank Project's Story-Based Learning curriculum and discover how they may enhance their current Teaching Artist practice with these techniques.

The skillset used to create original stories is identical to those necessary for conflict resolution, community building and the exploration of identity. While current education trends may provide knowledge of how systems operate, they rarely provide tangible tools for students to navigate the complexities of their livesthe AFP Story-Based Learning curriculum teaches tangible skills and enhanced vocabulary that will impact the lives of students, their families and communities. In short, instead of focusing on what they know, our methods focus on what students can do with what they know. This creative and collaborative process engages students in specific action steps that directly transfer to the their lives as they build their stories.

This curriculum is of particular relevance in our conflict-heavy global community and applicable to every subject and discipline. Whether a student is adapting to the emotional complexities of college life or navigating the daunting mountain of employment, they are in desperate need of an expanded tool set to process their conflicted worlds in healthy, productive ways. The impact of conflict and struggle is not relegated to particular social classes, geographic locations or specific school subjectsthe affluent and poor, the western and non-western, the sciences and humanities are all slowed by our increasingly conflicted world. This forced consumption is entering the minds of our students without a processing vocabulary thus creating huge obstacles in their ability to learn, grow and contribute. As future generations are provided with tools and vocabulary for storytelling they are fueled to discover, define and share their identities. Multiple defined identities create strong families, communities and countries.

New generations are transitioning from knowledge-based communities to self-reflective, competency-based communities, recognizing that every human being, no matter how submerged in conflict, is capable of looking critically at their world. They need the proper tools and structure to perceive their personal and social reality to deal with conflict in a healthy, productive way. When oppressed individuals participate in this sort of educational experience they come to a new awareness of self, a new sense of dignity; they are stirred by new hope.

Led by the Anne Frank Project:

AFP provides tools and vocabulary for conflict resolution, community building, and identity exploration in communities and schools world-wide.

The mission of the Anne Frank Project is to use story as a vehicle for community building, conflict resolution, and identity exploration. Inspired by the wisdom of Anne Frank, AFP surfaces and shares stories stifled by oppression.

Arts Partners for Learning (APL) offers free professional development for all who are involved with improving arts learning opportunities for students in Western New York. Through professional development, APL provides training and guidance to the arts and cultural community to learn best practices in arts and arts-integrated education.

Arts Partners for Learning, an initiative managed by Young Audiences of Western New York, has a mission to expand access to arts education in WNY, and to improve the capacity of cultural organizations to provide quality creative learning programs. Its vision is to create opportunities for arts and cultural organizations and professional artists to work with schools and ultimately improve the educational outcomes for children. Led by a Leadership Team composed of leaders from the arts, cultural, education, and philanthropic sectors of Western New York, APL aims to bring arts and cultural programs to schools that are standards-based and integrated throughout the curriculum.

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