Guided Bike Tune-up

Thursday, 22 Apr 2021 @ 6:00 PM Past Event
Guided Bike Tune-up
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Tired of taking your bike to the shop for a tune-up? Learn to do this basic maintenance yourself and how to identify and fix small problems before they put your bike out of commission.

Give your bike a tune-up with the guidance of an experienced mechanic. In this class, the instructor will walk you through an evaluation of your bike to find any potential problems and then guide you through the steps required to fix those problems.

This class will be conducted using our mobile bike shop on our loading dock with the exterior door open. There will be a maximum of 2 students plus 1 instructor in the class space. Sign up with a friend for a private session!

Depending on the condition of your bike students may not be able to complete the entire tune-up in one session. Sometimes new parts may be required to achieve the best results. Instructors will guide students to the best results in the time available but some students may be recommended to return for a second session for more time or with replacement parts.

** Bring you bike, replacement parts, if any, and clothes you don't mind getting grease on. **

Instructor: Nick Anastasia


The safety of our community, members, and instructors is our greatest priority. We ask all participants in this workshop to commit to a reduced level activity leading up to and during this workshop in our facility.

Students must wear a mask that complies with our updated safety policies. Mask must be a 3-ply surgical mask, KN95 disposable mask, N95 mask, or a tighly woven cloth mask with a filter insert. Students not wearing the appropriate masks will be asked to purchase one from our facility before joining the session.

When you arrive please be sure to:

- Wear an approved safety mask at all times

- Adhere to social distancing rules

- Be aware that this class has capacity limits to ensure your safety

- Limit your activities leading up to and during the class sessions so that you and your classmates stay safe

Artisans Asylum is closely following the guidelines set by the CDC and Massachusetts regarding COVID-19. Please reach out to us with any concerns or questions you may have.

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