Astrid: The Storm Sessions Acoustic Tour

Sunday, 31 Jan 2021 @ 19:30 Past Event
Astrid: The Storm Sessions Acoustic Tour
Willie Campbell and Charlie Clark are the front men and songwriters in isles of Lewis band Astrid. This acoustic performance will showcase the duo's unique harmonies and their deft handling of chorus focussed songwriting.

Their influences range from the Everly Brothers, Hank Williams, Motown and Indie with more than a hint of the band's island upbringing coming to the fore in the lyrics of the songs. Their relaxed manner on stage and infectious enjoyment of performing ensure that all that come to see Astrid leave humming a song and smiling.

They will be playing material from their new EP Storm Sessions , 2019's fall stand dance which they performed on the BBC Quay Sessions and also a handful of select covers that have informed and influenced their songwriting style.

"Impossibly beautiful power pop, laden with dizzying harmonies so airy and angelic it sounds like they might dissolve if you listen too hard" (NME)

"Two pop perfect voices in close Everly harmony, a flawless example of jangling dreamscapery" (The Sunday Times)

"Nifty choruses and breezy harmonies stomping along like a fortuitous tangle between Chicory Tip and The La's" (Q Magazine ****)

"Pure slice of perfect sunshine pop" about Modes of Transport (Simon Mayo Radio 1: Single of the Week)

"Astrid's deft handling of 'perfect pop' is so refreshingly joyous and youthful it immediately cancels out any accusations of retro-ism" (Melody Maker)
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