Help A NH Gold Star Widow Save Her Home

Monday, 12 Apr 2021 @ 7:00 PM Past Event
Help a NH Gold Star widow save her home
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Growing up in NH, David Whitcher knew he was destined to serve our Country. As a boy, he slept on an Army cot (by choice). He joined the NH National Guard. He fell in love and married the love of his life. He joined the US Army and advanced to become a coveted Green Beret. He served in Afghanistan for 2 tours. He was living his dream until it became a nightmare for his wife and now young son.

The knock came on the door that notified Victoria Whitcher that her beloved young husband, David, had been tragically killed in a training accident off the coast of Florida. Her world shattered with those words: " We are sorry to inform you..."

Victoria, an Army veteran herself, returned to NH to heal. She found a home she could afford to give a "home base" to their son. She is working hard and sometimes the financial ends don't meet. Victoria has windows that allow in cold air. "Thats ok, we staple up blankets to keep the wind out". She gets lots of water in her basement and that is beginning to cause mold to grow. "I know that after each storm, I am mopping up water and my son is wiping down the walls to dry things up". This is no way for a proud veteran and Gold Star widow to live.

Further insult comes when Victoria contacts a contractor to come work on the problems. He says he will do a payment plan for her. He takes a large deposit "for materials" and vanishes. Undaunted, Victoria contacts another contractor andit happens again. Calls go unreturned and her meager savings is gone.

General Don Bolduc contacted me with her situation and as he said, "This shall not stand". And it wont. We have already raised just shy of $4,000 toward the home repairs in our last fundraising effort. Veterans Count, a division of NH Easter Seals, has stepped up in a huge way financially. Thank you! Its now up to us, my friends, to restore the faith that was lost by bad actors (a special place in Hell awaits them). Our friends Lynette Rogers and the NH Hammers for Veterans have the labor and we can get the materials at cost. We just need to raise $4,000 and we are great to go forward. Please help. If you would rather send a check, make it payable to NH Hammers for Veterans and send to Matt Mayberry, POBox 1776, Dover, NH, 03821. Thank you!

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