Healing/Resisting: Decolonizing Therapy With Black Change-makers

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Everyday, our newsfeed sheds light on the need for social change.There is a buzz about the de-stigmatizing mental health care in the Black community, yes... but it's important to keep things in context. Black folk have good reason to be skeptical, history has shown us just what it means to be Black in America.The truth is, the current system of mental health care, was not created for Black and Brown peoples and we have to be intentional about our practice as mental health providers because of this.If you are reading this and you are a practitioner who also identifies as Black or Brown in the Baltimore Metro area... this training is especially for you.Here is the deal. I polled the community, and the data shows that race matters. Yes. Black folk tend to prefer to sit across from a mental health professional that looks like them. ...and I listen to what community says... So...No matter if... ... you are working at a local mental health agency providing in-home therapy or if you are in private practice ... if you are ready to center social justice in your work... if you know that developing a village of Practitioners of Color will help heal our City... if you are aware of racism + oppression but you want to go deeper... get your cup filled in the process... THEN, THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU!At the end of this training, Black and Brown Practitioners will be able to:(1) Understand the history of our current mental health care system and what it means to maintain integrity for social change(2) Explore a Liberation-focused Healing framework in current mental health practice (3) Assess the unique mental health needs of Black activists and change-makers in Baltimore(4) Explore + Reflect on the impact of systemic oppression on the effectiveness of the Black and Brown Practitioner (What it means to decolonize your therapy practice)(5) Contribute to a strategic plan for collective healing in Baltimore This is a TWO-DAY training intensive and participation in both is required. We will explore concepts like- race-based trauma - racial battle fatigue - mind-body healing -Liberation Psychology - black experience-based social work - Black Psychology - anti-racism - internalized oppressionI will include empirical studies as well as grassroots insight. I will share tools to use for assessment and guide us in case study.Training Includes:- class instruction and interactive participation- Tour of The Great Blacks in Wax Museum- Feature in a Mental Health Directory that features Dope, Woke Baltimore Based practitioners- 12 Continuing Education Credits for Mental Health Professionals - LunchYour Investment Supports the WorkThis training is apart of the Kindred Community Healing initiative- Healing BMore Activists currently supported by The Fund for Change. All proceeds from this training will go toward sustaining healing spaces for Baltimore's Black and Brown Changemakers.Get Featured on Our New Baltimore DirectoryI am seeking 25 practitioners of color who are currently providing services. Following the completion of this training, practitioners will be featured in an online directory for the Baltimore Community to access the support they deserve in healing.Our Activists Want Practitioners that Look Like ThemThe goal is to build a community of BIPOC mental health providers that are equipped with the tools and peer support to help to heal Baltimore's change-makers from a solid social justice framework. My Goal is to Put Community in Contact with Dope, Woke TherapistsI invite you to make an investment in yourself and your community, but we are keeping this accessible! The fee is on a Sliding scale where you choose a fee based on your financial situation, scholarships are available for those that need it.Trainer:Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C is an award-winning community healer, national speaker, and Liberation-Focused, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Kindred Community Healing and the Principal Consultant at Kindred Wellness LLC. Trained as an integrative psychotherapist, Shawna has created life-changing, community-based sacred spaces, honoring culture, to equip Black women, youth, and change-makers with the tools to heal themselves. After closing her flourishing private practice, this fierce advocate for racial equity in mental health care now guides professionals and organizations in nourishing a culture of mindfulness, anti-racism and impact. Intuitive, authentic and high energy, she is committed to helping community reclaim collective wisdom to triumph the effects of historic and present day trauma. Shawna was named by The Huffington Post as one of the Ten Black Female Therapists You Should Know, featured on a segment of Good Morning Washington and was a two-time guest on the popular, Therapy for Black Girls podcast.Shawna is currently pursuing her PhD in Social Work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore where she earned her Masters in Social Work. She gained her Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Family Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. Dedicated to continued growth, her practice in QiGong, African spiritual traditions and sitting at the feet of elders maintain. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and her two year old daughter.
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