Big Timing Comedy: Wendi Townsend

Friday, 11 Oct 2019 @ 8:30 PM Past Event
Big Timing Comedy: Wendi Townsend

Twitter: @wendistars

Wendi is Baltimores favorite brazen, no holds barred female comic. She shares her brutally honest perspective on everything from her dad to waiting on the public. She's earned her DJ stripes at Baltimore's favorite rock station 98Rock! Wendi has performed in clubs and dive bars across the country and has opened for such talents as Pauly Shore & Gilbert Gotfried! She is also the newest addition to the Big Timing Comedy Podcast as the female voice and cohost on Paco's Got Balls, feat. Wendi!


A young man with an aggressive appearance but a heart of gold, Connor Dykes has been doing story-telling style stand-up comedy along with SNL-style skits since 2018. Connor certainly wasn’t “fed with a silver spoon” growing up. Connor was a known trouble maker as a teenager, notorious for getting kicked out of school and robbing known drug dealers. While experiencing many tragedies and hardships Connor fell deep into the underworld of drugs, gangs, and violence. After being indicted by the federal government, Connor turned his life around and became a normal and productive member of society. After being on the “straight and narrow” for 2 years, Connor felt that he wanted more out of life, and that he wasn’t living up to his full potential. While bouncing at a bar in Salisbury Maryland, a local comedian by the name of John Dayton noticed Connor’s attractive personality alongside his quick and witty charm. After suggesting Connor try stand-up comedy at a show that John was hosting later that week, Connor went home and began to write a 5 minute story to incorporate into his stand-up routine. The story was about him getting beaten up by an angry father after finding out that he “shook the bed” with his daughter in his house. The story absolutely stole the show and Connor found that empty piece in his life that he was looking for, which is the art of stand-up comedy. Connor Dykes, who is now a stand-up comic, actor, anti-hate activist and motivational speaker for at risk youth, is now looking to expand his comedy career in whatever angle he can.

You can see his skits on his Instagram @connor.comedy


Can be heard on podcast Paco's Got Balls Featuring Wendi at

A humble boy from humble beginnings. A Baltimore native, Stefan Subotich is a professional comic/actor and COO of Big Timing Comedy, LLC. As a comedian, he's toured all over the country and opened for names like Dan St. Germain (Comedy Central), Brian McDaniel (TMZ), Adam Dodd (HBO'S East Bound and Down), Steve Hofstetter (host of Fox's Laughs), Mark Riccadonna (SiriusXM, SNL), and Brooks Whelan (Saturday Night Live). Stefan has also graced the stage at some of the premiere comedy clubs in the country, including The Ice House Comedy Club in Los Angeles (home club of Tim Allen and Ellen DeGeneres), Broadway Comedy Club NYC, and the Baltimore Comedy Factory. You've also seen him as a sleazy salesperson in the nationally syndicated Mattress Warehouse commercial! Stefan is a storyteller who loves interacting with his crowd-drawing inspiration from the everyday life of his audience, as well as his own.

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