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Women Protect Your Glory Annual Summit

Friday, 24 Sep 2021 @ 7:00 PM
45.0 45.0 USD
Women Protect Your Glory Annual Summit
About Kia Marie

Kia Marie, a profound trailblazer, is a woman of valor who spent years breaking ground to rise above her impoverished environment. Through grit, tenacity, and reliance on the prophetic declarations revealed to her, she kept plowing even through the emotional roller coaster of wanting to tap out. But, our creator revealed the finished version of herself to her therefore, she kept pushing against all odds to obtain what belonged to her from birth.

Kia Marie is a single mother of a 9 year old son and resigned her 9 to 5 job by faith to pursue the mandate as a serial entrepreneur in establishing God's Kingdom Economy through business. Kia was given an industrious mind therefore, she spent the last six years creating and designing systems for other entrepreneurs in the fields of Education, Real Estate, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions. Her methodologies are structured around positioning other solid serial entrepreneurs and inspiring to be entrepreneurs in positions of wealth through personal development first.

In a dream, our creator instructed her to educate other women like her to encourage other women to find who they are spiritually and manifest it by functioning in their identity of existence. Kia's mindset is that we all ascend together, walk strongly, boldly, yet with humility and meekness.

We all are fighting against a force designed to keep we as women bound mentally, physically, and ultimately emotionally!

Women Protect Your Glory First Annual Summit is a collaboration of Women coming together to be encouraged, educated, and illuminate the completed version of YOU. My Queens, we must raise the standard and govern ourselves by walking out our finished selves by knowing our purpose of existence and protect our aroma as we mobilize throughout the earth.

Women Protect Your Glory. Yes, I nag but I don't like to. How else do I respond?

Women Protect Your Glory. Yes, I've settled but I know I'm worthy of more. How do I obtain what I deserve?

Women Protect Your Glory. How do I get him to see me for me and not what I have ?

Women Protect Your Glory. I've been taken advantage of so much, I don't think I can Love again. How do I break through this?

Women Protect Your Glory. Where's this power and authority people say I have? My words don't seem to mean anything.

The Power of Aroma, a paradigm that is instilled in you that must be unlocked and brought forth by way of acknowledging that you have it and it must stand before you. Your presence alone carries it and is detected by wolves in sheep clothing and is also discerned by real Kings.

How do I activate it? How do I manage it? How do I protect it?

By attending this divine event, you'll leave with a renewed mindset about yourself, refreshed, and with tools necessary to assist you in moving forward in progression for your life. You'll know how to put things of your past in perspective so that you can move forward with a clear heart and know how to discern what is approaching you.

An event for the Wise Women! Women Protect Your Glory!


The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta

181 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Friday, September 24, at 7:00 PM


All parking is valet serviced at The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta and free.

Train Station:

Peachtree Center Station Click Here for Details

Dress Attire:

Wear what makes you feel wealthy!

Not able to attend physically?

That's okay, you may register to attend this significant event virtually.

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