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2021 3rd Annual NephroNet Nephrology Update

Friday, 17 Sep 2021 @ 7:00 AM
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2021 3rd Annual NephroNet Nephrology Update
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NephroNet is pleased to announce the

NephroNet III Nephrology Update

Westin Downtown Atlanta Hotel

September 17th & 18th, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The topics of this live symposium include a 5 Star panel of presenters:

The Battle Royal-Clash of the Titans A Toe to Toe Debate - James Tumlin, MD and Brad Rovin, MD.

From Genetics to Calcineurin Inhibitors to COVID-19: Modifiers of Tubular Electrolyte Transport, Biff Palmer, M.D.

What no steroid? Complement inhibition in ANCA vasculitis Treatment (via webcast), David Jayne, M.D.

Transplant Pharmacology: Strategies to Minimize Long-Term Nephrotoxicity, Steve Pastan, M.D.

Post Dialysis Arrthymia & Sudden Death: Impact of Dialysate K+ and Delta Electrolyte & Volume Removal, John Middleton, M.D.

Medico Economic Update Evolving Payments Plans for Nephrology Services: It Is As Bad As you Thought, Lani Paxton, M.D., PhD.

Catechol Refractory Shock: Predictive Role of Renin Activity and Efficacy of Angiotensin II Infusions, Mink Chawla, M.D.

Bariatric Surgery and Progression of CKD: Is Diabetic Nephropathy a Surgically Correctable Disease?, Allon Friedman, M.D.

Genetics of IgA Nephropathy: Role of B cell Modulation and Future Treatment Options, Dana Rizk, M.D.

Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease: Pathophysiology & Comparative Efficacy of Tolvaptan, Sirolimus and Bardoxolone, Vicente E. Torres, M.D. PhD.

Update Non-Steroidal Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonist: Results of the Fidelio-Diabetic CKD Trial, Rajiv Agarwal, M.D.

Heart Failure Management for the Nephrologist: Contrasting Treatment and Pathogenesis of Heart Failure with Preserved and Decompensated LV Function., Peter McCullough, M.D.

SGLT-2 Antagonists: From Glycemic Control to CardioRenal Protection: An Unexpected Journey, Dick Glassock, M.D.

Anemia Correction in Pre-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients: Emerging Role of HIF Agonists, Steve Fishbane, M.D.

Hyperuricemic Nephropathy: A Primary Renal Vasculopathy-athogenesis, Diagnosis and Treatment, James A. Tumlin, M.D.

The NephroNet Nephrology Update conference attracts clinicians from across the country to participate in a unique learning environment where clinicians, NPs, and allied personnel can learn from the some of the most prominent Nephrology thought leaders in the world.

Our objective is to facilitate collaboration between practicing physicians, clinical trial professionals and industry. We expect upwards of 100 MDs, NPs, and industry professionals in attendance, and therefore have designed the session to be highly interactive, including extended Q/A sessions to maximize learnings. This is a great opportunity to bring questions to a table of experts.

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Medical Association of Georgia through the joint provider ship of Southern Alliance for Physician Specialties CME and NephroNet. The Southern Alliance for Physician Specialties CME is accredited by the Medical Association of Georgia to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

NephroNet will also be hosting a dinner event, A Night in the Gardens at the Longleaf Restaurant in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for additional networking. This event is optional and non-accredited. Cost is $50.

You can contact Terry Smith with any questions at

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