Dirty White Socks

Dirty White SocksDirty White SocksDirty White Socks
Some people form bands because there is nothing else to do. They might not know how to actually play an instrument, but after seeing a clipping of their favorite music group on the television, they're immediately smitten and gather a group of friends together to form a band. It all depends on what type of music all the members are intent on creating, but at first, all the music the band creates is typically pretty juvenile. At some point, though, all the practicing and jamming start to pay off and before any of the members know it, they're actually starting to sound tolerable. This tolerability eventually morphs into some sort of indestructible monster that's intent on pushing the band until it attains some degree of commercial respectability. This can take a number of forms, but typically a band plays a good deal of shows before they're accepted by the public or catch the attention of a reputable record label that's willing to throw some cash at the band to help it record an album, which, in turn, the label can sell for monetary profits. As the band matures and spends a good deal of time on the road, partying like the rock stars that they are, all the members of the band begin to get a bit jaded about the whole music business. They start to lose their spark and love for music, and after a few stints in expensive rehab facilities to treat a raging case of addition to alcohol, cocaine, or, nowadays most likely, Oxycontin, their love and appreciation of music is all but gone. The band breaks up and everyone goes their separate ways and never really does much of anything for the duration of their lives. As one of the members, the lead singer, sits on his death bed, he thinks about how much enjoyment he got out of creating music with his best friends when they were young and full of vigor. He nostalgically thinks fondly about these times, until one last brain aneurysm causes this poor individual to have another stroke and die.

This is why young bands have to be appreciated for what they are: young musicians who are enjoying themselves and creating true-to-heart music that's void of any filter. The Berlin-based band Dirty White Socks is like this and even if you can't enjoy the band's novel style of modern rock, at least try and respect the musicians and what they're trying to accomplish with the songs they've written.
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