Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort - Guided River Kayaking

Saturday, 18 Sep 2021 @ 1:45 PM Past Event
Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort - Guided River Kayaking
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#Due to the current health crisis we are offering private trips set with a minimum of 2 guests and maximum of 8. For groups larger than 8 guests, please call the office to reserve your trip. 1-800-532-7483.

*Captain Your Own Kayak! Class I-II rapids*
Single kayaks are intended for anyone 10 years or older and under 250 lbs, while Double Kayaks are intended to be used by one adult and one youth (ages 7 and up), or one adult that exceeds 250 lbs. Due to limited availability, double kayaks need to be booked in advance. Please call the office to book a double kayak.



- Youth (Ages 10-16): $39
- Adult (Ages 16+): $55


- Youth (Ages 10-16): $52
- Adult (Ages 16 and up): $62

*One person rides for free with every 12 guests booked!
Duration and Location
- Half day trip, Riverside snack included.
- Complimentary wetsuits until the Friday before Memorial Day and all October.
- All Guided River Kayaking Trips meet at our base in Charlemont, MA
About Guided River Kayaking
Kayaking down Massachusetts' Deerfield River is a great way to see the Berkshires and spend a warm summer day outside and active! These boats are easy to paddle and very stable, making them a great way to get a taste of whitewater kayaking with minimal instruction.

We use single kayaks daily from May through September. Singles are great for children at least 10 years old and adults under 250 pounds who want the freedom to challenge the river on their own, while doubles give kids as young as 7 an opportunity to share a boat with an adult and enjoy the river. Guides accompany every trip on the river to help you find the correct line and to maximize your river experience.

While these trips are not instructional clinics, they are a wonderful way to explore the Deerfield River with a guide close by to offer support, paddling suggestions and insight into the natural and cultural history of the area.

Featuring both Class I and II rapids, as well as opportunities to swim and splash in the waters of the Deerfield, this trip provides a wonderful afternoon adventure for families, schools, scout and camp groups. We meet at 1:45 pm each day and the trip takes about 3 to 3 1/2 hours, including registration, outfitting and transportation to the river.
What To Bring
You are required to wear sneakers or other shoes that can be secured to your feet. No flip-flops! In warm summer weather, some guests are comfortable in bathing suits/swim trunks or light layers. However, we ask you to not wear cotton, as it will keep you cold and wet throughout the trip. Wool and synthetic materials such as polypropylene, nylon, and fleece, are appropriate for cooler weather and water temperatures. Wetsuits, splash jackets, and neoprene river booties are available for rent.

Bring any required medications as well as extra money for souvenirs, coin-operated showers, etc. Before the trip, please leave any and all valuables including money as well as your dry clothes and towels for after the trip in your locked vehicle. Expect everything you bring with you on the raft to get wet. Keep your car keys with you during registration, as we will collect those and put them in a lock box before gearing up, then return them to you when you get off the boats.
Pre-Trip Requirements
For all of our whitewater trips, guests must be able/willing to do the following: Wear a helmet and our personal flotation device (PFD), respond to and follow verbal or visual instruction, roll from front to back in water while wearing a PFD, demonstrate dynamic sitting position (sitting upright), and float with feet up in water. Specifically for our Guided River Kayaking, guests should be able to paddle in the rapids, but with frequent rests. Remain calm, lay flat, and orient their body so their feet are aiming downstream if they find themselves unexpectedly in the water. In the event they lose their kayak guests need to be able to swim their boat and themselves to shore. Our PFDs fit a maximum chest size of 56 inches, and our single kayaks are designed for guests 250 lbs or less. Our double kayaks are intended for an adult and a youth to paddle together or one adult that exceeds 250 lbs.

Don't forget to read your confirmation letter (there is a lot of useful information in there!). Call our office if you have any additional questions. We're always happy to help!
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