Effective Classroom Practice: Literacy For All

Wednesday, 21 Apr 2021 @ 08:30 Past Event
Effective Classroom Practice: Literacy for All
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Morning Breakout Sessions1. Classroom Practice: Putting Orton-Gillingham into Practice

In this session, teachers from Bentleigh West Primary School will unpack their classroom practice. They will explore the pedagogies and knowledge that make a difference in students' lives. Hear how assessment informs instructional decisions that meet the needs of all students and the impact of an embedded , systematic approach to literacy instruction in an R-6 school.

Please note: Due to travel restrictions, this session will be live streamed from Bentleigh West Primary School, Victoria. 4. Angle Vale Primary School

The teachers and leaders of Angle Vale Primary School have worked diligently to ensure that they are delivering learning using an evidence-based approach. While students and teachers have reaped the rewards of this process, it has not always been a smooth one. Hear from leaders as they detail their journey and the challenges faced in implementing this and hear the inspiring story of one teachers journey from sceptic to advocate.

5. Craigburn Primary School

Since 2019, Craigburn Primary School have been on a journey to provide their students with the best possible education. The school has invested heavily on developing teacher knowledge to ensure high quality instruction in a consistent and systematic way. Hear from leaders and teachers as they unfold their strategic approach in meeting the needs of all learners and the role that Spelling Mastery has played in supporting their primary teachers and students.

The next statewide Literacy Guarantee Conference gives educators the opportunity to hear from experts in effective literacy practice.

Educators from Department for Education, Catholic Education SA and the Association of Independent Schools of SA are invited to attend the conference to strengthen their understanding of the science of reading and evidence based instructional practices.

We are also offering the opportunity for educators to watch a live stream of the keynote address for those who cannot attend in person.

Bentleigh West Primary SchoolMeeting the Needs of All Learners: the Bentleigh West Journey

Bentleigh West Primary school is situated approximately 13 kilometres south-east of Melbourne's CBD.

Despite good results, the school identified it was not meeting the needs of all of its students. They embarked on the ambitious task of identifying and implementing an evidence based approach through 3 key actions:

Implementing Explicit Direct InstructionImplementing Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Structured LiteracyBuilding deep staff knowledge in literacy and language

Leaders and staff will outline the journey they have undertaken to meet the needs of every student and the impact this has had on student outcomes.

Bentleigh West will also offer workshops where:

leaders unpack the change process of implementing a structured, systematic approach to literacy and how they overcame obstacles.teachers discuss instructional practices which meet the needs of all learners, including classroom structures, routines and the role of assessment in their instructional decision making.Please note: Due to travel restrictions, this session will be live streamed from Bentleigh West Primary School, Victoria. Afternoon Breakout Sessions3. Teaching the Brain to Read: Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the functions of the brain involved in reading and the implications of this research on teaching reading. Participants will explore the developmental stages of reading mastery and a range of strategies to support struggling readers focussing on decoding and word recognition.

Examine ways neuroscience research and advances can help to predict reading outcomes.

Deeper understanding of how typical reading and atypical reading differ.

Explore a range of strategies that will support struggling readers in decoding and word recognition through orthographic mapping.

2. Meeting the Needs of All Learners: Responding to the Evidence

In this session, leaders from Bentleigh West Primary School will explore how they transformed instruction at their school to meet the needs of all students. They will discuss the strategic planning and evidence which informed their decision making, how they overcome obstacles and the benefits of a sustained focus on deep knowledge and high expectations. Learn about the impacts of clear and detailed scope and sequence and the importance of deep teacher knowledge on student outcomes.

Please note: Due to travel restrictions, this session will be live streamed from Bentleigh West Primary School, Victoria.
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